Facet Power

FACET deploys high impact climate, energy, food & water security solutions in sub-Saharan Africa.  Our facilities recycle low value forest, agricultural, & encroachment bush wastes into baseload carbon negative electricity for microgrids, biochar for rainforest, farm, and degraded landscape restoration, permanent carbon removals to reverse climate change, and high impact environmental & social community benefit programs

Why Now

The concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is now at its highest level in recorded history. Net Zero by 2050 is no longer enough: drastic reductions in GHG emissions, annual double digit Gigaton carbon dioxide removal, and restoration of the ecosystems that regulate climate is essential.


40% of the planet’s land is severely degraded from resource extraction, unsustainable agriculture practices, and deforestation


Degraded soils threaten food and water security, endanger biodiversity, & diminish the ability of forests, grasses and other natural carbon sinks to store and sequester carbon


Reducing emissions, rapidly scaling permanent carbon removal, restoring soil integrity & function are critical.  The fastest, most effective path to addressing these issues is biochar with carbon negative energy production

These challenges demand action: failure is not an option.

Leading the Carbon Revolution

Facet Power’s hybrid pyrolysis & gasification technology transforms how we manage carbon: creating carbon-negative energy to displace fossil fuels, permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere, avoiding GHG emissions through recycling biomass wastes, and amplifying the carbon removal, avoidance, and climate resilience impact of soil, food, water, biodiversity, and natural systems through biochar.

The way waste, carbon, and energy has been managed in the past is no longer viable.  We have no time to waste.

Our solution is ready for deployment NOW.

Our Impact